Vishranti Grah


It is observed that day by day young generation is more and more attracted towards the religion. Why? The answer is quiet simple, now most of the Vishranti grihas provide the required facilities to yatrik.

In the same manner The paras vadlo will also provide the most systematic arrangements to Yatrik while providing Vadlo worket forget religion but will remember requirement of each of persons need whether it is a child of aged person.

The atmosphere of the Sankool and Vishranti Griha will make yatrik more Bhavuk to perform. Aradhana Bhakti Chaturwidh Sangh whether a Yatrik be in Derasar or Dhamaslala the quiet atmosphere will help him to achieve peace of mind and calmness in the heart. A tired Yatrik will surely get freshness in the body to be attracted towards other activities, which the religion and The Vadlo will provide.

The Vadlo will surely provide such atmosphere so that experience parents will get more advantages to bring up their children not only by Seva Pooja but also observing the neatless, cleanliness and disciplined life in our Dharmalsala and other part of the Sankool.

Partthar Ghaday to Murti Bane, Sonu Ghaday to Alankar Bane, Mati Ghaday to Akar Bane, Manvi Ghaday to Bhagvan Bane.
Thus stay in the Sankool of The Paras Vadlo will definately give Aakar to your age and life.

Give your many hands to The Vadlo to become it stronger and so open your heart and make Guptdan.