Vatsalya Grah

For Needy People

Let the elderly persons be given Ashraya in “Vatsalay Griha” to live rest of life peacefully. well clean to provide aged ‘Fathers’ and ‘Mothers’ a lot of Vatsalya in such a way that it will lead their life to devote at the feet of PARAMATMA occupying their most of the time in:

*Parmeshwar Bhakti  *Religious Services (worshiping) *Prayer and *Aradhana with develimal stavnas *Yoga and Meditation will infuse freshness and energy to live them richly in abudance both courageously and spirithually.

Who says life of aged people is ineffected (useless)

Who says they do not possess anything?

You know, they have given out all valuable of life to the next generations but still possess experience, skills, and knowledge in different field of work. They ‘Ashraya Griha‘ will part with their abilities and it will be helpful to us to transform live and joyful atmosphere in ‘vatslaya griha’.

Thus, ‘Paras Vadlo‘ not only wishes to feel them young again (rejuvenate) but also desires to impart enormous affection and fellow feeling (sympathy) to them.

You can earn Money again but you can Never earn Time again.

Get up and make Guptdan.