SHETRUJAY STAPNA TIRTH and Tri Shikhar Derasar

Jain Temple
"Prabhu na Darshan Aankho Thare, Prabhuni Deshna Dilne Thare, Prabhuno Sang Sansar Chhodave, Prabhu Na Sanidhya sarvagna Banave"
At present existing shetrujay stapana tirth due to earthquake from long time rebuilt(jinodhar)
Separate pooja rooms / space will be provided for 'Snatra Pooja' and other Poojas where devotees can engross themselves in calm atmosphere and offer prayers to Tirthankars with full of devotional stavanas.
'The Paras Vadlo' wishes to build TriShikhar Dersar

When you are utterly empty of all thought.

When consiciousness(immediate knowledge) has no content.

When the minor reflects nothing¬† adopt the road to the ‘PARAS VADLO‘ i.e. to the door to the divine. Drop the mind and be at ‘three shikhar derasar’.

‘The Paras Vadlo’ wishes to build TriShikhar Dersar at Haladpada Bhandhan¬†near Dhundalwadi.

The central Hall of the ‘Derasar‘ will be fascinating and attractive. The idol of Mulnayak Shri Parsvanath Arihant parikarayukta Pratima will lure the shravakas and shravikas for the ‘Darshan’.

The basement will be peaceful under the ambarella of the idol of the Mulnayak Shri Simandhar Swami Arihant Parikaryukta Pratima.

Other pratima of parikaryukta Bhoomandal will be in the central Hall as well as other space in the shikhar.

Separate space will be provided for Dev-Devi pratimas with parikar and other designs. ‘Maun is gold silence is silver’.

Jab Tan ki Ankh Khulti Hai, To Sansar Dikhai Deta hai, Aur Jab Man ki aankhe khulti hai To Tirthankar Dikhai Deta Hai.

This way ‘The Paras Vadlo’ will try its level best to provide best of the atmosphere to the devoters, to express their feelings to Bhagvan in diffenret ways.

Dudh Jlta Hai, Pani Jalne ke Bad, Aadmi Rota Hai, Vakt Nikalne ke Bad

Hence, Don’t postpone, this is the moment, Don’t say ‘Tomorrow’ Tomorrow is a Mirage.

Dhan Melavo niti thi Ane Aapo Paras vadlo ne Preeti Thi