Self Employment work

The Paras Vadlo

The Paras Vadlo not only plans to attract people towards Dharm-Seva but also to create various opportunities by providing different activities to the needy people staying in surrounding areas and as well as to the old aged persons who stay in the Vadlo.
The Paras Vadlo has planned to make-proudce such articles upkaran which may be useful to Sadhu and Sadhviji Maharaj Sahebs, Sharvak and Shravikas. The skilled / experienced persons will guide the local people to earn their livelihood by guiding them to produce the articles and sell them also with local markets.
Yes, we may even make hygienic food items which may be useful to Yatriks in their further yatra. Come forward be helpful to the organization and needy by way of Guptdan.

Tame Prabhuana Pag Pakadsho, To Hari Tamaro Hath Jarur Thi Pakadse.
Amne aapo tamaro Hath Paras Vadlo no Janer Chhe Tamara Sath Chalo to Sharu Karo Amaro Prachar ane Karo Gupt Dan.

Get up and make Guptdan.